About Us

30+ Years of Expertise, Flowing Through Your Sprinkler System

For over 30 years, Vegas Sprinkler Specialists has been the go-to choice for Las Vegas residents and businesses seeking reliable and efficient sprinkler repair and maintenance. Owner-operated, the company brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every job, ensuring your sprinkler system is not just working, but thriving.

More Than Just Repairs: Water Conservation Champions

Vegas Sprinkler Specialists goes beyond basic repairs. They are trained in water usage and conservation methods, meaning they can assess your past water consumption and implement practices to reduce your immediate water usage by 30% to 70%! This not only saves you money on your water bill but also helps preserve this precious resource in our desert city.

History From the Owner

Established in 1988.

It all started, mowing lawns in high school and learning to fix sprinklers as needed in the business. In 1990, I became a licensed landscape contractor and the company grew to a large scale landscape and maintenance business with 27 employees. In 2000, I decided to sell the landscape side and the maintenance side to pursue and specialize in the sole aspect of repairing sprinkler and irrigation systems. From that time I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience putting me among the elite in my professional field.

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